Karachi, July 27, 2017: Brig Shahid Hassan Ali, the Administrator of DHA, paid a visit to DHA City Karachi (DCK), a rapidly emerging residential project on the Super Highway that aims to attain international recognition. During his visit, the Administrator toured various project sites within DCK, observing the ongoing development efforts in full swing.

In Sector-3, a leading sector of DCK, the Administrator inspected infrastructure and sector development work that had been completed to the highest construction standards. Many social and community-related buildings were also finished. Notably, DCK Junior School in Sector-3 had commenced operations, signaling the area’s readiness for habitation. The Administrator urged the DCK management to ensure the seamless provision of essential utilities in the sector, facilitating the prompt initiation of construction.

The Administrator also inspected the construction of solar light poles in Sector-3 and emphasized the importance of expediting the electric structure works in the sector. Additionally, he visited the site designated for state-of-the-art farmhouses in Sector-I, a project expected to redefine the concept of luxury living within the society.

Continuing his tour, the Administrator drove along the DCK Boulevard up to the vicinity of village Karimdad near Sector-14. He later explored the site reserved for a grand Golf Course in DCK, located in Sector-16, expressing his satisfaction with the pace and quality of development work underway in various sectors of DCK.

Following his site visits, the Administrator presided over an extensive briefing and discussion session to evaluate the development strategy and progress of ongoing projects in DCK. He made swift and pragmatic decisions to expedite the development activities in DCK, ensuring their solid foundation. The Administrator emphasized the need for accelerated horticultural efforts to transform DHA City into a green and aesthetically vibrant city in Pakistan.

The Administrator praised the enthusiasm, dedication, and proactive approach of the DCK team in swiftly developing DHA City. He encouraged the DCK management to maintain this development momentum with renewed energy, prioritizing transparency, engineering excellence, and professional proficiency in all their endeavors.

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