How to buy a plots in DHA


For the balloting of DHA City Karachi commercial and residential plots, the categories of applicants are defined, each category has eligibility criteria and applicants matching the eligibility was included for balloting of plots.

Click here to view the DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Complete Payment Schedule Guide.

  • Category A – Army
  • Category B – Retired Armed Forces Officers
  • Category C – AFNS / Mujahid
  • Category H – Def Est
  • Category F – Senior Citizen
  • Category G – Disabled / Handicapped
  • Category I – Civilian Govt Officers
  • Category J – Civilian including Overseas Pakistanis
  • Category K – Staff (Half Benefit)
  • Category S – Staff (Full Benefit)


If anyone want to buy a plot in DHA City Karachi (DCK), the he has to pay the amount by following method:

  • As DCK plots has been sold out on 10-20 years installment basis and almost all categories plot balloted in the same time frame, and number of installment due are same for all categories. After the initial down payment which was paid in November 2009, installments started in Jan 2010.
  • Installments are on quarterly basis for the civilian Category (10 years plan) and half yearly for Army Category (20 year plan). Till December 2013, it has been 16 installment due for Civilian Category and 8 installment due for Army Category.
  • Now the actual price can be checked from payment schedule and calculate the paid amount, already paid to the DHA plus the price premium which is known as ON money. Click here to view the current latest Premium Amount of DHA City Karachi (DCK) Plots.
  • After the transfer of the plot the remaining installment will be paid by the new buyer to DHA on quarterly or half yearly installments.


Anyone can buy the plots in DHA City Karachi (DCK). For DHA City Karachi Property Transaction, following type of transfers are allowed:


DHA City Karachi membership is required for the buying of plots. For civilians, there is Category B (Membership-Type) with total membership cost of Rs. 60,500. Download the membership form attached below, with required documents check list and all formalities for other categories as well.

  • Category ‘A’ – Form Cost Rs 300
  • Category ‘B’ – Form Cost Rs 500
  • Category ‘C’ – Form Cost Rs 200
  • Category ‘D’ – Form Cost Rs 500
  • Category ‘DS’ – Form Cost Rs 500
  • Category ‘KPTS’ – Form Cost Rs 500


Membership is life time although it will be renewed after every 5 years to maintain the records of the member with the DHA Authority. By obtaining 1 membership, member can buy multiple plots.


For the transfer of DHA City Karachi (DCK) plots, following cost will be applied:

Buyer has to Pay:

  • Transfer Fees – PKR. 75/= per square yard for residential plots. Eg. 75 x 200 yards = PKR. 15,000/=
  • Capital Value Tax (CVT) – It will calculated on PKR. 75/= per square yard for residential plots. CVT will be applicable on minimum 300 yards and bigger plots, not applicable on 200 yards. Eg. 75 x 300 yards = PKR. PKR.22,500/=

Seller has to Pay:

  • Capital Gain Tax (CGT) – It will be calculated 1% for filer and 2% for non filers of the official value. Applicable if transaction made within 2 years, from the date of purchase. For the different categories and payment plan check from the uploaded plans.

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