Karachi, September 23, 2017: Major General Muhammad Humayun Saleem, Director General of Welfare and Rehabilitation (W&R) GHQ, accompanied by Administrator DHA Brigadier Shahid Hassan Ali, conducted a visit to the forthcoming DHA City Karachi (DCK) project located along the Super Highway. During their tour, they explored various development sites and witnessed the rapid progress of construction activities taking place in the region, driven by a well-structured approach and a forward-thinking strategy to position DCK as a unique city of international prominence.

Major General Humayun Saleem received an extensive briefing on the master plan, development strategy, futuristic projects, and the overall development progress from Project Director DCK, Brigadier Muhammad Rafique (Retd), and consultant Arif Osmani. The Director General praised the effectiveness, visionary approach, and the pace of development in DCK, acknowledging its remarkable essence.

The General Officer visited the iconic Farm Houses site within DCK Sector-1, where four state-of-the-art Farm Houses had already been completed, and 121 others were in advanced stages of construction. He commended the quality, design, and elegance of the Farm Houses. Major General Saleem also visited DCK Junior School in Sector-3, which was equipped with modern educational facilities and had begun its operations. He emphasized that the school played a crucial role in promoting quality education in the area.

The Director General also visited the mini golf course park in DCK Sector-13, which exemplified the horticultural efforts being made in DCK to create a healthy and aesthetically pleasing living environment for residents. He continued to Sector-14 of DCK, where comprehensive infrastructure work was in full swing. In this sector, exclusive land had been allocated for allotment to valiant soldiers and junior commissioned officers (JCOs) who had dedicated themselves to defending the nation.

After a long and eventful day of inspection, the Director General returned highly satisfied with the dynamic pace of development activities underway in DHA City. He urged the DCK management to spare no effort in making DHA City a livable community as soon as possible, highlighting its potential to offer a modern, secure, and comfortable living environment to its residents.

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