Karachi, August 14, 2017: DHA has proudly announced that it will grant possession of plots in Sector-3 of DHA City to the rightful owners on September 6, 2017. This significant development marks the beginning of a new era of progress and prosperity in the region, underscoring DHA’s strong reputation as a leading organization in the field of housing and development in the country.

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is an ambitious residential project situated along the Super Highway, rapidly evolving into a city of international prominence. Encompassing an expansive 20,000-acre area, DCK is being meticulously developed as a well-planned, sustainable, green, and smart city in Pakistan. DCK holds the promise of offering its residents a contemporary, secure, and comfortable living environment.

Sector-3 stands as the pioneering sector of DCK, where infrastructure and sector development work have been completed to the highest construction standards. Most of the social and community-related buildings have already been constructed. Preparations for essential utilities such as water, gas, and electricity are in advanced stages of completion. The Solar Power Project of 1.1 MW, set to be upgraded to 1.5 MW, has already been commissioned. The area boasts an abundance of underground water to meet the initial requirements. Notably, DCK Junior School in Sector-3 has commenced its operations, signaling the area’s readiness for habitation, with construction plans soon to follow.

Additionally, DHA has revealed that the DCK Farm Houses-II project is on the horizon, and its balloting will take place in the near future. The DHA Oasis project, comprising 144 Farm Houses within DHA City, is well underway and near completion. Four Model Farm Houses, serving as exemplars, have already been finished and furnished. These Farm Houses are being developed in a serene and resort-like environment within the city, redefining the concept of luxurious high-end living in the metropolis.

The dedicated and enthusiastic approach of the DCK team in their development endeavors instills confidence that DHA City is poised to emerge as a unique and exemplary city in Pakistan, setting a standard for other upcoming projects to follow.

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