Karachi, October 5, 2017: An open, computerized ballot was conducted for the allocation of iconic Farmhouses-II in DHA City Karachi (DCK), an emerging residential and commercial project located along the Super Highway. The ballot event took place at the Visitors Centre in DCK, with Administrator DHA, Brigadier Shahid Hassan Ali, serving as the chief guest.

The ballot utilized a modern, foolproof, and credible system. A board of officers meticulously verified the applicants’ data to ensure a flawless, transparent, and fair conduct of the ballot. The results have been published on DHA’s official website.

During the event, the Administrator made a significant announcement regarding the issuance of plot possession to the allottees in Sector-3 and the imminent opening of the sector for construction. This development heralds a new era of progress and prosperity in the region. In Sector-3, which stands as the pioneering sector of DCK, infrastructure development work has been completed, and civic and social amenity buildings have been constructed. DCK Junior School has already commenced operations, a clear sign of the area’s readiness for habitation.

The Administrator also disclosed some dynamic initiatives by DHA that are poised to significantly advance the development of DCK. These initiatives include the upcoming opening of Sector-5 and Sector-7 for construction, the allocation of specific numbers to Farmhouses, and the exploration of new development opportunities in the Central Business District of DHA City.

Administrator DHA congratulated the successful applicants of the ballot and expressed gratitude to the public, including overseas Pakistanis, for their enthusiastic response to the project. He emphasized that this response reflected a high level of trust and confidence in the credibility, reputation, and viability of DHA’s initiatives.

The event was attended by a large number of people, including representatives of DHA Residents’ Associations, DEFCLAREA, notable individuals, and senior civil and military officers.

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