Review Meeting for DCK Development Projects

Karachi, September 16, 2017: A meeting led by Administrator DHA, Brig Shahid Hassan Ali, was convened at the Defence Authority Sunset Club to evaluate the progress of ongoing development projects within DHA City Karachi (DCK). The meeting also aimed to formulate a strategy for further enhancing the diverse development activities in DCK. In attendance were the Project Director of DCK, relevant DCK officials, consultants, and stakeholders, all of whom discussed future interventions essential for establishing DHA City as a truly sustainable city of international prominence.

Administrator Brig Shahid Hassan Ali swiftly made strategic decisions to sustain the momentum of development in DCK and facilitate the seamless launch of visionary projects in DHA City. The meeting resolved to embrace a dynamic vertical development strategy in DCK to expedite construction activities in the burgeoning city. Furthermore, Administrator Ali approved the establishment of a Projects Implementation Board, with himself at the helm, to oversee and ensure uninterrupted development in DCK.

Strategic projects of great significance were reviewed during the meeting, particularly those set to be initiated in collaboration with the Sindh government in DCK. These projects spanned various sectors such as energy, communication, healthcare, and education, and were expected to significantly enhance the viability and stature of DHA City. Administrator Ali directed the DCK management to strengthen their contacts, understanding, and cooperation with provincial government officials to expedite the launch of planned projects that promised revolutionary changes in DCK. He also encouraged DCK management to facilitate Dow University of Health Sciences in establishing their core medical and healthcare facilities in DHA City.

The meeting also deliberated on the proposals and broader conceptual vision presented by an oil marketing firm regarding the establishment of petrol pumps in DHA City. This firm also aimed to contribute to DCK’s social development by initiating welfare and educational projects for the betterment and well-being of the community. Administrator Ali urged the DCK management and stakeholders to spare no effort in encouraging and facilitating reputable national and international institutions and organizations to invest in DCK, with the goal of transforming it into a livable city offering the best amenities and facilities.

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